3 Habits of Successful Hiring Managers

Successful hiring managers leave clues as to why they acquire premium talent. Try these three things to improve your hiring results.

The hiring landscape has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Millennials will make up 75% of the work force by 2025. These twenty-somethings play by a whole new game where job changes are commonplace and full career switches are to be expected. Add to that an uncertain economy and record numbers of people applying for open positions and you’ve got a recipe for hiring mayhem.

While it may seem overwhelming, even impossible to find the right candidate for your team, there are a few things you can do. Here are three ways successful hiring managers cut through the noise to find the perfect hire.

1. Engage the hiring process quickly
This isn’t to say you should hire the first person you interview, but when you come across a good candidate, don’t wait too long. Too many companies take too much time once they’ve found a potential hire. These candidates aren’t waiting with baited breath for you to call. Even if you’re their first choice, they have four other interviews and bills to pay. Don’t assume that they’ll still be available once you’re finally ready to give them an offer.

Speed the process along by setting up a phone or videoconference. With technology today, there’s no reason to delay for a face-to-face meeting. Getting an offer to a candidate early ensures you’ll have the pick of the talent pool crop. Also, using an in-depth assessment can help you weed out non-performers quickly.

2. Look beyond the résumé.
While they are an important part of the hiring process, they can be misleading. A well-written résumé can make a mediocre performer look like a superstar. The flip side to that is an outstanding candidate could look mediocre based on the quality of companies they’ve worked for.

Remember that you are hiring a person, not a list of qualifications. Before you pass on someone, ask yourself why you aren’t willing to give him or her a chance. A lot of times things that mean a lot on paper, hold no weight in person.

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3. Conduct preliminary phone interviews.
This is a great way to follow up our previous tip. Résumés are a great way to quickly eliminate some applicants. However, it’s not wise to conduct lengthy face-to-face interviews with every applicant. With a quick phone call and the right questions, you can figure out whether or not this person is right for an in-depth interview.

Within 5-minutes you can tell if the applicant is worth going to the next step. Not only the quality of answers, but the manner in which they answer them will tell you a lot about their capacity to engage in a professional way.