5 Qualifying Questions to Ask Your Sales Reps

When coaching your salespeople through the sales process, there are certain questions that you need to consistently ask them. They really need to have a guideline for their qualifying process. Reinforcing the importance of qualifying the buyer and how to do it over time will help them to ask better questions at the front end of the sales process and

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10 Awesome Follow-up Questions to Get Your Buyer Talking

Asking good questions is the heartbeat of a good sales call. However, some salespeople can become so enamored with asking all of their questions they fail to get the full story. Why? Because most buyers don’t disclose everything from one question. Look at your sales call as a series of conversations with the same person. You converse about one subject

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Why is Your Sales Rep Failing?

Our research shows that there are many reasons why a sales rep fails to achieve their quota. For the purpose of this article, I will keep my comments focused on three categories: 1. Personality Conflict with the Sales Role Does your sales rep have the right personality style that aligns with what their job requires? Most roles require a higher

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7 Qualities of a Great Sales Coach

Coaching your reps is the primary function of your job. It’s the best pathway to achieving the sales quota. In this article, I list seven qualities I’ve experienced and observed of great sales coaches. 1. Great sales coaches do NOT speak in generalities, but specifics. Instead of saying, “You need to get your close ratio up”, ask “How many contacts

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Another 10 Revealing Interview Questions to Ask Sales Candidates

This is a follow-up to my previous article: 10 Revealing Interview Questions to Ask Sales Candidates. This article focuses on making a job comparison between your current sales job opening and the job previously held by your sales candidate. The goal is to find out how similar (or not) the job tasks required for your job compare with the job

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7 Questions That Reveal Why Your Sales Team is Underperforming

Why is your sales team not meeting your expectations? I ask this question to my clients on a first call to get their perceptions about why their sale team is not meeting expectations. Sometimes I get clear responses. Mostly I receive vague ones. I assembled these questions to help my clients think through some of the issues and find the

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7 Sales Mistakes To Avoid from a Painfully Awkward Video

The late, great comedian, Jerry Lewis, sat for an interview in his 90’s with a staff member from The Hollywood Reporter. The interview is known as 7 Painfully Awkward Minutes with Jerry Lewis. Many people commenting on the interview blamed Jerry Lewis for the awkwardness. I didn’t see it that way. I believe the reason for Mr. Lewis’ short, clipped

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Use This Simple Technique to Increase Sales

When a buyer shares an issue that your product or solution can solve, it’s very tempting to swoop in super-hero style and with a big smile share how your product can most assuredly solve their problem. With great excitement, you confidently explain how your product or service is perfect for them. Laying out your case for your price, product and

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10 Smart Ways to Overcome the Most Common Sales Training Problems

Sales training can be highly effective. It can also fail to provide the ROI you expect. Here are 10 reasons why sales training doesn’t work, and the solutions to help you implement a successful sales training program: Problem #1: Too much content, too little time – The human brain can absorb only a certain amount of information in a day. But

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9 Reasons Why Top Salespeople Leave

Finding good salespeople is hard enough. Losing a good one can really sting. According to Harvard Business Review: Estimates of annual turnover among U.S. salespeople run as high as 27%—twice the rate in the overall labor force. Of course, that statistic includes both good and bad salespeople. Your top performers are the anchors by which you continue building a sales

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