Why Bad Salespeople Get Hired

A friend told me over lunch about a sales rep he hired the previous year. He sold seven times the industry average of $1million at his previous company. At $7million in sales, he was a superstar. My friend (the CEO) and one of his Sales Managers snatched this sales rep up with great expectation. After several months of ramp up they

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The One Question You Must Ask Every Candidate

Why do you want to leave your job? That question may be a very common one to ask for most hiring managers, but it’s loaded with the opportunity to gather some great information that many times gets overlooked in an interview. Why people leave a job is varied, but it can have a dramatic impact on whether or not they

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Hire Better Sales Reps By Adding This

It’s a little unnerving to look back on a salesperson’s first six months and realize that the interview was that employee’s career highlight.  Too often sales leaders make hiring decisions based on how well a candidate performs during an interview, not how well he will perform in the field. Why is the salesperson you hired with great promise fail to meet

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9 Smart Questions Successful Hiring Managers Ask Before Recruiting Salespeople

People call me every day about hiring salespeople. I always respond with, “Describe the sales role please.” Many times they will struggle with defining the specific details of the sales role for which they are hiring. A salesperson may perform exceedingly well in one type of sales role and fail miserably in another. Defining your sales role first is critical to

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6 Smart Interview Questions to Ask Superstar Sales Candidates

In some (rare) cases, you need to roll out the red carpet for a sales candidate. Yes, they are that good. And with the ever decreasing quality of candidates searching for jobs, you need to sell your job to a superstar candidate. One way is to ask great questions to find out exactly what they want and need in order

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a Sales Candidate

Interviewing a sales candidate can be intriguing. As a Sales Manager, you can’t help but be excited about the prospect of a high volume salesperson in your organization. They could be the one to take your whole team to the next level. A sales candidate’s sales numbers from their previous employers can be deceiving, though. To really understand what you’re getting,

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