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What Type of Sales Manager Are You? The Turnaround Sales Manager

When organizations are about to fail, they often turn to the Turnaround Sales Manager. While the Reconstruction Sales Manager must also manage a struggling sales team, the Turnaround Sales Manager is a sales manager with a more extreme task – saving the sales department. Essentially, companies employing this type of manager are looking at imminent failure if conditions do not

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5 Thinking Habits of the Mega Successful

Recalibrate your thinking to that of super successful people and start improving your performance right away. Being successful starts with your thoughts. Thinking drive behaviors. Good or bad, productive or useless thought precedes action. Self-defeating thoughts can derail a career whether it’s leadership, selling, entrepreneurship… you name it. Clear, rational and optimistic thinking leads to eventual success. To reach your

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25 Awesome Sales Tips from Legendary Action Movies

Hollywood knows how to sell. For a quick reminder of some essential sales tips, here are 25 classic lines from guy movies that translate quite well into the world of professional selling. Just don’t dress like Ron Burgundy.  1. Be Persistent  “I’ll be back.” Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger): Terminator   2. Build Your Personal Network “Do you know who I am? I

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7 Golden Beliefs of Amazingly Successful Salespeople

Knowledge may be power, but beliefs define who we are. After almost two decades of analyzing, training and coaching sales professionals, seven core beliefs correlate with superstardom. I’ve had countless people ask me, “What is the one thing I need to do to be a great salesperson?” That’s a loaded question. I’ve found that it’s rarely, if ever, just one thing. But

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3 Unshakeable Beliefs of Top Performers

Success begins first in the mind. Top performers work on their mind more than their body, job, or career. Right thinking is the genesis of success. Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player… ever. How does a kid who gets cut from his junior varsity basketball team win six NBA Championships? Read for yourself: “I’ve missed more than 9000

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