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5 Qualifying Questions to Ask Your Sales Reps

When coaching your salespeople through the sales process, there are certain questions that you need to consistently ask them. They really need to have a guideline for their qualifying process. Reinforcing the importance of qualifying the buyer and how to do it over time will help them to ask better questions at the front end of the sales process and

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10 Awesome Follow-up Questions to Get Your Buyer Talking

Asking good questions is the heartbeat of a good sales call. However, some salespeople can become so enamored with asking all of their questions they fail to get the full story. Why? Because most buyers don’t disclose everything from one question. Look at your sales call as a series of conversations with the same person. You converse about one subject

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13 Serious Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Your Next Sales Rep

You need to conduct a competitive comparison of your candidate’s previous sales job and the one they’re applying for at your company. Here are some questions to consider before hiring a HUNTER sales rep – especially someone from within your industry. 1. Did they inherit customers to sell to? Will you offer your sales candidate a book of business with

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Yet Another 10 Revealing Interview Questions to Ask Sales Candidates

Before hiring a sales rep, conduct an apples-to-apples job comparison. Line up the structure and activities of your sales job and your candidates current or previous sales job. Note any differences between the two jobs. Good interview questions enable you to do this. It’s easy to assume your sales candidate facilitated the same sales process and had a similar sales culture

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Why is Your Sales Rep Failing?

Our research shows that there are many reasons why a sales rep fails to achieve their quota. For the purpose of this article, I will keep my comments focused on three categories: 1. Personality Conflict with the Sales Role Does your sales rep have the right personality style that aligns with what their job requires? Most roles require a higher

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7 MORE Qualities of a Great Sales Coach

This is a follow-up article to 7 Qualities of a Great Sales Coach. 1. Great sales coaches know the value of incrementalism. Sales skills develop over time if they’re going to last. Great sales coaches work on techniques continually to make lasting changes. That means the sales process provides the structure and the reps’ skills within the process will improve

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7 Qualities of a Great Sales Coach

Coaching your reps is the primary function of your job. It’s the best pathway to achieving the sales quota. In this article, I list seven qualities I’ve experienced and observed of great sales coaches. 1. Great sales coaches do NOT speak in generalities, but specifics. Instead of saying, “You need to get your close ratio up”, ask “How many contacts

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Company Hires “Superstar” Sales Rep. It Doesn’t End Well. [Sales Story]

Hiring good salespeople is a challenge. There are so many factors that can contribute to a sales reps’ success or failure. In fact, just one or two small things can derail their job performance. That’s why it is so important to acquire as much relevant information during the hiring process to make a well-informed employment decision. When hiring sales reps,

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Another 10 Revealing Interview Questions to Ask Sales Candidates

This is a follow-up to my previous article: 10 Revealing Interview Questions to Ask Sales Candidates. This article focuses on making a job comparison between your current sales job opening and the job previously held by your sales candidate. The goal is to find out how similar (or not) the job tasks required for your job compare with the job

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7 Questions That Reveal Why Your Sales Team is Underperforming

Why is your sales team not meeting your expectations? I ask this question to my clients on a first call to get their perceptions about why their sale team is not meeting expectations. Sometimes I get clear responses. Mostly I receive vague ones. I assembled these questions to help my clients think through some of the issues and find the

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