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Can I Fix This Unmotivated Sales Rep?

Is it possible to fix a motivation problem with a sales rep? Answer: Sometimes. First, it depends on if the motivation issue is due to an external factor, such as: unfair change in compensation, overbearing sales manager, poor customer service of products sold, etc. Too often, sales reps underperform due to factors like these which are outside of their control.

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7 Questions That Reveal Why Your Sales Team is Underperforming

Why is your sales team not meeting your expectations? I ask this question to my clients on a first call to get their perceptions about why their sale team is not meeting expectations. Sometimes I get clear responses. Mostly I receive vague ones. I assembled these questions to help my clients think through some of the issues and find the

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Why Bad Salespeople Get Hired

A friend told me over lunch about a sales rep he hired the previous year. He sold seven times the industry average of $1million at his previous company. At $7million in sales, he was a superstar. My friend (the CEO) and one of his Sales Managers snatched this sales rep up with great expectation. After several months of ramp up they

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5 Steps to Holding Your Salespeople Accountable

I received a call from a Sales Director recently who told me that his Sales Managers fail to hold their salespeople accountable. He said: “My Sales Managers are too soft on their salespeople 95% of the time and too hard on them 5% of the time.” He went on to explain that when attempting to hold their salespeople accountable, the

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5 Intelligent Ways to Hold Your Sales Reps Accountable

Holding sales reps accountable can be tough – even if you’re a seasoned sales leader. Use these 5 strategies to help you get the results you want. I received a call from a sales director recently who told me that his sales managers fail to hold their salespeople accountable. He said: “My sales managers are too soft on their salespeople

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4 Ways To Effectively Hold Sales Reps Accountable

Accountability is critical to running a successful sales team… but it’s not always easy. Use these four tips to help you keep your salespeople on track. It’s not always easy to hold an employee accountable. To call them out on their actions. In fact, many in leadership positions avoid this at all costs. As a Sales Manager, though, it’s important

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