This One Word Costs Sales Managers Massive Sales

As Sales Managers, we must develop clear job expectations. Then evaluate your salespeople and candidates against those expectations. Put SuperBowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson on the offensive line and he will fail. In fact, you would likely see him fired from the team – and for good reason. The assumption? He’s not a good football player. That conclusion couldn’t be farther from the

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5 Stellar First-Appointment Questions

You only get one first appointment with a prospect—never waste one again. If you don’t have a list of questions to ask on every first appointment, you need one. Don’t waste that irreplaceable time by inquiring into the same generalities and presenting the same company overview that your buyer hears from every salesperson who walks through their door. Don’t go

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5 Easy Steps to Increasing Every Sales Opportunity

Well-crafted questions are the key to effective upselling. Learn these five excellent ways to add more value and increase each sales opportunity. “Do you want fries with that?” Years ago McDonalds made untold millions with that one phrase alone. But, you never hear it anymore. They simply bundled the fries, burger, and drink together. Today, you have to tell the

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4 Ways To Effectively Hold Sales Reps Accountable

Accountability is critical to running a successful sales team… but it’s not always easy. Use these four tips to help you keep your salespeople on track. It’s not always easy to hold an employee accountable. To call them out on their actions. In fact, many in leadership positions avoid this at all costs. As a Sales Manager, though, it’s important

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