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6 Smart Interview Questions to Ask Superstar Sales Candidates

In some (rare) cases, you need to roll out the red carpet for a sales candidate. Yes, they are that good. And with the ever decreasing quality of candidates searching for jobs, you need to sell your job to a superstar candidate. One way is to ask great questions to find out exactly what they want and need in order

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5 Ways to Rock Role Plays with Your Sales Reps

Want to improve your sales reps’ selling skills? Here are five things you can do to role-play effectively and get the results you want. For many salespeople, role-playing is not a priority. However, actors, athletes and musicians all practice their craft – a lot. The best one’s practice (role-play) constantly to improve their performance. Why shouldn’t salespeople? As a sales

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11 Sales Meeting Topics Your Sales Reps Really, Really Want

If your sales meetings were not required, would anyone show up? Too often sales meetings are seen as a waste of time – an event that lacks any purpose or strategy. Sales Managers conduct them because it is required by senior management or simply because they’ve always had one, not because they have any specific goals. To make sales meetings

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15 Proven Sales Tips to Boost Your Income Immediately

I’m a collector. I collect everything from vintage Coca-Cola machines to really good sales questions. In this article, I’m sharing some of my favorite sales tips that I’ve collected from many great salespeople who’ve allowed me the privilege of observing them and asking questions. I hope you find these sales tips as beneficial to your sales career as I have:

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