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The 10 Books I Recommend the Most

I am a sales trainer. I’ve invested the last two decades of my life helping salespeople and sales leaders become more successful working with companies from $2 million to $2 billion in sales. One of the privileges, from which I derive great joy, is recommending good books. Below are the 10 books that I recommend the most to people. I’ve

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6 Smart Steps to End Procrastination

Got stuff to do that you hate doing? You’re not alone. Procrastination kills productivity for millions of people. Follow these surprisingly enjoyable steps and you’ll actually look forward to getting tasks done that were painfully avoided just last week. One of my biggest personal challenges is planning – and all the time consuming details that goes with them. My frustration

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Shocking Advice When Dealing with Difficult People

Got an event coming up with difficult family members? Use this unconventional method to transform your visit and redirect the relationship into a much healthier and positive direction. You want me to do what!? Years ago, Jim Cathcart gave me a piece of unexpected advice when I was struggling in a relationship with some difficult people (actually a member of my

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Smart Sales Managers Know How and When to Switch Hats

Sales managers are more than a glorified salesperson. They must wear multiple hats if they are to succeed at building a high performance sales team. Most sales managers are called just that: sales managers. However, anyone in a sales leadership role knows “manager” is only one of at least three hats they must wear: sales leader, sales manager, and sales

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5 Ways You Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

Negative self talk causes emotions to adversely affect sales behaviors and outcomes. Change your thinking patterns with these five smart methods. Self-confidence is the assurance in one’s personal judgment, ability and power. Salespeople lose sales when they allow their emotions to control their thinking and behaviors. Some examples are negative self talk, emotional neediness, insecurity, and low self-confidence. Negative self

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The 7-Fold Pathway to Self-Motivation

Life throws us many unsettling circumstances that can truly exhaust our motivation. However, you can recover and even prevent them from deflating your drive. It’s easy to lose momentum when personal and professional issues build up. Here are some proven ways to legitimately drive self-motivation back into your heart and mind. 1. Determine what you want If you want money, what

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