Eroding Sales and Low Close Ratio

For more than five decades, Wausau Window & Wall Systems has been an industry leader in providing high-quality window and curtain wall solutions for commercial buildings. They have been well positioned in the marketplace with a great reputation and a solid portfolio of product offerings.

While attempting to recover from the recession, Wausau wanted to take a fresh look at how it sold its products. Company leaders needed to figure out a way to precisely target the prospects that were best suited to its business model. Essentially, they needed to narrow down the number of proposals their sales team submitted and increase the number and size of wins.


Implementing a Customized Sales Process

  1. They created a customized sales process. Training started online, which played a key role in preparing the team to initiate the new step-by-step sales process. The training emphasized the new, standardized qualifying process to focus the sales reps on submitting only high-value, high-probability projects that improved closing ratios.
  2. They used the xPlore Sales Assessment across the entire team to identify the capacities and developmental areas of the sales reps and Regional Sales Managers. Feedback was provided from XPS Certified Assessment Consultants to aid in performance enhancement, updating job descriptions and ensuring alignment between the roles and sales team members.
  3. Regional Sales Managers participated in a customized sales leadership training program. They learned how best to support the implementation of the sales process and coach each team member’s individual efforts. Coaching is a skill that is too often left out of a sales manager’s job description. Wausau sales managers were trained to become coaches for their teams to ensure continued success with the new process.


25% increase in shipments
Training the sales team and the Regional Sales leaders on the new process helped result in a 25% increase in shipments.
60% increase in backlog
“Today our backlog is up 60% over where it was when we started,” says President Jim Waldron. “My boss is very pleased. he expected it to take a year, but we did it in six months.”
Better departmental efficiency
Interactions between departments has improved because of the new sales team opportunity process. Qualifying greatly reduced the time required to create estimates for ” off-target” jobs.