Inefficient Sales Management and a Low-Performing Sales Team

Despite the company’s position as an industry leader and a well-known brand, sales leaders at Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) saw potential to streamline their management processes and increase efficiency. The company’s sales metrics indicated that the sales organization wasn’t performing at its highest level or closing sales at a rate equal to their efforts.

Our team wasn’t satisfied with the results they were getting from their prospecting initiatives, despite the fact that they were putting tremendous energy into those activities” – Luke LaPresta, Sales Manager for TWCBC’s East Region.

TWCBC decided that they needed a top-down solution to provide sales leaders with tools to jumpstart sales internally.


Training Managers to Teach, Support, and Inspire Their Team

TWCBC used xPotential’s xSell Sales Leadership Training to help their sales leaders maximize their potential as managers and get the most out of their teams. Through constructive role-playing exercises and trainings based on relevant selling principles, sales leaders learned how to run sales meetings productively, conduct one-on-one reviews effectively, communicate sales strategies clearly, and increase accountability among team members.

xPotential Selling’s customized and comprehensive xSell Training methodology provided simple, practicable instructions for revamping their sales process and re-energizing their team.

Since completing the training our results have dramatically increased – last month the team finished above 110%,” Stan Smith, East Regional Sales Manager


Greater revenue
Leaders trained their team to do a better job of recognizing strong prospects and closing consistently, resulting in 10% increase in sales revenue.
Maximum efficiency
By making their sales meeting and one-on-one review opportunities more efficient, sales leaders saved time and set realistic goals that team members were able to achieve.
Motivated sales organization
With a clear vision for the future, morale has increased significantly; “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and the people I have the privilege to help grow using these practices.” says LaPresta.