Inconsistent, Unpredictable Sales Revenues and a Low Close Rate

A subsidiary of Cornell University, eCornell has been a leader in online learning since 2000. Although well known in the market, the organization struggled to maintain consistent sales, often experiencing major fluctuations in enrollment and revenue from month to month. Additionally, the sales team had difficulty accurately identifying high-quality leads and closing sales dependably. The close rate was extremely low. They had excellent people, but some were simply better than others at connecting with clients.

They [XPS] had a complete, step-by-step process that began with assessments and included both training and follow-up. We found other firms with pieces of what we needed, but no one else could provide us with the whole thing. – Vice President of Human Resources


Identify Success Attributes and Develop a Unified Sales Approach

Using the comprehensive xPlore Sales Assessment, xPotential Selling helped eCornell identify the behaviors, performance motivators, and cognitive characteristics of each member of their team. This deep insight helped team members understand the areas where they excelled and those where they fell short. Insights gathered through the assessment also gave eCornell a framework for developing a recruitment strategy that would result in a more informed approach to hiring and promotion.

The assessment results provided a valuable blueprint for the xSell Sales Training avtivities that followed. Targeted trainings taught team members how to implement a unified, step-by-step sales process that leveraged their capabilities and maximized their success rate. Team members learned to think more strategically, prospect more effectively, close at a higher rate, and become a valued partner to their clients. Follow-up coaching ensured that skills would be retained for the long term and regular coaching calls reinforced key selling principals that helped enhance eCornell’s bottom line.


An 86% increase in revenue
Using xPotential Selling’s step-by-step sales process, eCornell was able to nearly double year-over-year revenues.
Sales force optimization
eCornell was able to identify key sales attributes and best practices among their team members, enabling them to optimize their current team and hir new salespeople with confidence.
Better morale and greater consistency
With a sales team that Updike described as being “on fire.” eCornell has achieved consistent growth across the organization.