Will Your Sales Candidates Meet Your Expectations?

The xPlore Sales Assessment is our flagship online sales assessment test and our most popular profile.

It includes:

  • 3 categories of measurement – Sales Personality, Sales Mentality, Sales Motivation
  • 100 data points
  • 70-page report
  • Personal interpretation of the results with a Certified Assessment Consultant.

You would use this on your top candidates or incumbents for:

  • Hiring new sales candidates
  • Troubleshooting performance problems
  • Development plans
  • Promotion
  • Benchmarking success traits of top performers
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Reduce turnover — 80% of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. [Harvard Business Review]

Uncover intangible traits about your candidates — Measuring personality alone is not enough to make a fully informed hiring decision.

Increase quota achievement — Achieve sales success by ensuring alignment between your sales candidates capacities and the sales job they’re applying for.

Don’t get fooled again — Protect yourself against candidates who interview well but cannot sell.

Ensure you hire a legitimate sales professional — Past sales success does not guarantee future success at your company

Our Process


Your potential sales reps will complete our comprehensive and in-depth xPlore Assessment online.


An xPlore assessment expert will jump on a call with you to help you decipher the highly-detailed reports.


Through the process, the best sales candidate fit for your company will be determined.

What We Measure

Sales Motivators

The xPlore Sales Assessment also measures a salespersons core motivation – what drives them to perform (or not). You must understand what drives a sales rep to ensure that you have the right person and create the most motivating conditions for them to succeed.

  • Are they motivated to sell… every day?
  • Are they motivated by earning commissions?
  • Will they spend too much time “getting ready”?
  • Are the independent or dependent?
  • Are they coachable or resistant to development?
  • Do they discount your price or get full margin?
  • Are they willing to learn your products/services?
  • Will they follow your rules or break them?

Sales Personality

Don’t get fooled again. This portion of the xPlore Sales Assessment measures the personality traits of a salespersons natural and adaptive behavior styles. Using the proven DISC model, this section rounds out the three primary parts of xPlore Sales Assessment.

Energy level
Interpersonal warmth
Risk taking
Task orientation
Thinking vs. Feeling

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Your secret weapon for hiring great salespeople.

Discover the secret to dramatically improving your hiring process by adding the xPlore Sales Assessment. This simple guide shows you exactly what we measure.

You’ll learn why personality tests are enough to help you make an informed hiring decision. You must measure more and you’ll learn what those measurements are.

Download this quick reference guide to learn more about this amazing sales assessment that has helped companies all over the world hire right and sell smart!


A Few Thoughts

With its diverse set of in-depth measurements, the xPlore Sales Assessment may well be the most accurate predictor of sales success than any other sales assessment test. The remarkable insights it provides about candidates and incumbents is what you’ve only dreamed about –just like so many other sales leaders and hiring managers the world over.

Fortunately, we’ve found each other.

Boasting an innovative science that brings to light the critical capacities required for sales success, the xPlore Sales Assessment is unmatched in the pre-employment/testing industry. It offers three unique vantage points of a salesperson in a whopping 70-page document chock full of rich data about their capacity to sell.

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