Today’s Sales Professionals Must:

  • Generate a robust pipeline of qualified prospects
  • Elevate the quality of engagement with buyers to differentiate themselves
  • Be prepared to engage more educated buyers who have more options
  • Connect the buyer’s objectives with on-target solutions
  • Be ready with value-added strategy for handling objections
  • Close sales and drive the new relationship forward

Our Sales Training Process

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In this eBook, we’ll cover three areas vital to the development of salespeople:

  • Self-awareness
  • Sales process
  • Practice

Each area contributes to the overall success of a salesperson. The better they understand themselves inside your sales process, and the more they practice their skills, the better the outcomes.



At xPotential Selling, we believe no attendee should ever have to make a mental leap in a training class. They should never reflect on the content and be forced to ask themselves: “How does this relate to me?”

We know that every organization has a unique culture, set of processes, challenges and areas of expertise. Before we step foot into a classroom, we engage with you in a consultation session to personalize the materials so they are seamless to your organization and industry.

We address your unique sales management challenges and make the training more relevant to program participants.

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Case Studies

of buyers viewed at least 5 pieces of content from the winning vendor.

[Source: Forrester]

of salespeople using social selling outperform their sales peers.

[Source: Aberdeen]

of B2B marketers identified engaging key decision makers as their top challenge.

[Source: Forrester]

of sales training documents are lost after a short period of just 90 days.

[Source: Selling Power]

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