7 Realities of Sales Managers

1. The sales manager is the most important person on your sales team.
2. Not all sales management roles are the same, simple as that.
3. Your greatest investment is securing and developing great sales managers.
4. Your best sales reps aren’t typically your best sales manager candidates.
5. Your greatest ROI comes from training sales managers – not sales reps.
6. Your sales managers should be sales coaches to their reps. Period.
7. Many sales managers believe there are coaching, when, in fact, they aren’t.

Our Training Process

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Train Great Sales Leaders

During a typical workday, a sales leader is pulled in many directions and asked to take on many roles.

Meetings, paperwork, marketing, and other administrative details can quickly overtake a day, leaving little time for leading the sales team towards achieving company goals.

Regardless of the level – VP of Sales, Sales Director, or Sales Manager – the main responsibility should be developing and coaching the team.


xPotential Sales Management Training

The xPotential Sales Management Training program focuses on developing Sales Coaches. This is the primary responsibility of the Sales Manager. Our training goal is to develop each of your Sales Managers to build sales teams of self-sufficient salespeople who consistently achieve their sales goals.

We focus on developing the specific skills required for effective coaching: leading sales meetings, field observation, 1:1 coaching, holding reps accountable and sales team goal achievement.


At xPotential Selling, we believe no attendee should ever have to make a mental leap in a training class. They should never reflect on the content and be forced to ask themselves: “How does this relate to me?”

We know that every organization has a unique culture, set of processes, challenges and areas of expertise. Before we step foot into a classroom, we engage with you in a consultation session to personalize the materials so they are seamless to your organization and industry.

We address your unique sales management challenges and make the training more relevant to program participants.

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