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4 Simple Steps for Upselling Your Customers

What is your strategy for leveraging more sales with your existing customers? Apart from simply asking for more business, the goal is to develop or reinforce your relationship with key contacts in the account. From that you gain the intelligence you need to maximize sales with your customers. Here is a four-step strategy to intelligently upselling to your customers: 1. Select

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4 Smart Ways to Coach Your Sales Reps on a Sales Call

How often should you step in and save a sale when you’re out in the field with one of your sales reps? You need the revenue, so why not? As a sales coach, your goal is to develop your sales reps to drive and close sales on their own – not to save them every time they need you to

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16 Questions You Need to Ask Your Customers Right Now

Ask your customers about their business and where it’s going. As a sales rep, you should not only focus on selling, but also collecting information that is relevant to what, why and how customers buy from you. You also need to share this with the marketing department. (If you don’t have one, then you are the marketing department.) I’ve divided

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6 Truths That Separate Superstar Salespeople from the Mediocre Masses

From my two decades of training and coaching salespeople, here are six fundamental truths about what it takes to become a great salesperson. Many people are in sales, yet few excel at it. My advice to young people considering a career in sales is: “Go for it!” Professional selling can be the best paying job in the world or the worst. Only you

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5 Keys to Great Role Plays with Your Sales Reps

Want to improve your sales reps’ selling skills? Here are five things you can do to role-play effectively and get the results you want. For many salespeople, role-playing is not a priority. However, actors, athletes and musicians all practice their craft – a lot. The best one’s practice (role-play) constantly to improve their performance. Why shouldn’t salespeople? As a sales

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7 Questions Smart Sales Managers Ask When Observing Reps In The Field

Many Sales Managers don’t spend enough time in the field observing sales reps in action. Instead, they expect salespeople to meet sales goals with minimal observation, feedback, or coaching. In order to effectively coach your sales team, you must get out in the field. This allows you to observe the performance of your sales reps in a real world scenario. It’s

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What Type of Sales Manager Are You? The Selling Sales Manager

The Selling Sales Manager is one who has the dual responsibility of achieving a personal sales quota while managing other salespeople. This differs from a typical Sales Manager who typically goes out on a sales call with his or her salespeople in order to help close a sale or coach to improve performance. Just like the salespeople they manage, they

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What Type of Sales Manager Are You? Pure Growth Sales Manager

One of the toughest, yet rewarding jobs a Sales Manager can do.


What Type of Sales Manager Are You? The Maintenance Sales Manager

Find out the role of the easiest job a Sales Manager can have.


What Type of Sales Manager Are You? The Reconstruction Sales Manager

Not all Sales Managers get to create a sales team from scratch like the Start-up Sales Manager. Instead, some must work with existing teams that have been poorly led and reform processes that are outdated, ineffective, or non-existent. This is the job of the Reconstruction Sales Manager. The Reconstruction Sales Manager has the task of taking a deficient sales team

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