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8 Intelligent Questions for Evaluating Your Sales Reps Performance

No experienced football coach would ever consider sending his team onto the field without being right there on the sidelines – observing their every move. The same applies to your sales team. Too many sales managers expect top producers to meet their sales goals without their observation, feedback and coaching. Instead, I encounter many sales managers expecting great results without

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5 Ways to Rock Role Plays with Your Sales Reps

Want to improve your sales reps’ selling skills? Here are five things you can do to role-play effectively and get the results you want. For many salespeople, role-playing is not a priority. However, actors, athletes and musicians all practice their craft – a lot. The best one’s practice (role-play) constantly to improve their performance. Why shouldn’t salespeople? As a sales

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5 Things to Eliminate from Your Sales Meetings Right Now

Just because you call it a sales meeting, doesn’t mean it is. Most sales managers don’t actually hold sales meetings… but they think they do. Sure, they assemble the sales team together regularly. Yes, they lead the meeting with quota updates and sales reports. Yet, to observe this Monday morning ritual is to witness a group responsible for paying the

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