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7 Ways to Fix Underperforming Sales Reps Right Now

Identifying the root cause of underperforming sales reps is always the first step. Avoid applying an impulsive decision like throwing more training at them or quickly terminating. Take the time to uncover why they’re not performing then apply your remedy. The best place to start is to determine if your sales rep is actually wired for their sales job. If so,

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5 Qualifying Questions to Ask Your Sales Reps

When coaching your salespeople through the sales process, there are certain questions that you need to consistently ask them. They really need to have a guideline for their qualifying process. Reinforcing the importance of qualifying the buyer and how to do it over time will help them to ask better questions at the front end of the sales process and

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Avoid this Sales Rep at All Costs

Hiring sales reps is not easy. My client was preparing to hire a highly recommended industry veteran for their sales team. All indicators were that this sales candidate was a perfect fit for the role. They had a track record of success, tenure and multiple recommendations. This would have been an easy hire with minimal concern. Management had great expectations that

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7 MORE Qualities of a Great Sales Coach

This is a follow-up article to 7 Qualities of a Great Sales Coach. 1. Great sales coaches know the value of incrementalism. Sales skills develop over time if they’re going to last. Great sales coaches work on techniques continually to make lasting changes. That means the sales process provides the structure and the reps’ skills within the process will improve

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Company Hires “Superstar” Sales Rep. It Doesn’t End Well. [Sales Story]

Hiring good salespeople is a challenge. There are so many factors that can contribute to a sales reps’ success or failure. In fact, just one or two small things can derail their job performance. That’s why it is so important to acquire as much relevant information during the hiring process to make a well-informed employment decision. When hiring sales reps,

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7 Questions That Reveal Why Your Sales Team is Underperforming

Why is your sales team not meeting your expectations? I ask this question to my clients on a first call to get their perceptions about why their sale team is not meeting expectations. Sometimes I get clear responses. Mostly I receive vague ones. I assembled these questions to help my clients think through some of the issues and find the

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7 Awesome Questions To Ask Your Sales Reps After Every Sales Call

A well-prepared sales rep always has a greater chance of landing a sale than those who aren’t. So, how should your sales reps prepare for a sales call? Start by asking them the right questions to get them thinking about their next appointment from a more strategic perspective. 1. How did you demonstrate credibility with the decision maker? What words and

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10 Smart Ways to Overcome the Most Common Sales Training Problems

Sales training can be highly effective. It can also fail to provide the ROI you expect. Here are 10 reasons why sales training doesn’t work, and the solutions to help you implement a successful sales training program: Problem #1: Too much content, too little time – The human brain can absorb only a certain amount of information in a day. But

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9 Reasons Why Top Salespeople Leave

Finding good salespeople is hard enough. Losing a good one can really sting. According to Harvard Business Review: Estimates of annual turnover among U.S. salespeople run as high as 27%—twice the rate in the overall labor force. Of course, that statistic includes both good and bad salespeople. Your top performers are the anchors by which you continue building a sales

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Avoid the Wandering Sales Candidate

Hiring salespeople is difficult. In this series, I identify a group of sales candidates who, when hired, fail to meet expectations. But they all have one thing on common: they interview well. You struggle when hiring good salespeople but experience frustration when they fail to meet their sales goals. Here is another example of a type of sales candidate you’ll

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