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Don’t Get Fooled by “The Pinball” Sales Candidate

In this series, I identify a sales candidate who, when hired, fails to meet expectations. Like many other bogus candidates, they have one thing in common: they interview well. You struggle to hire good salespeople but experience frustration when they fail to meet their sales goals. Here is another example of a type of sales candidate you’ll want to avoid…

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Your Crisis Stricken Employee Deserves More Than a Sympathy Card… Do This Instead

Your employee is in crisis – a close member of their family died, a child has become severely ill, or their spouse was injured in an accident and cannot work. You want to offer help, but may not know exactly what to do. Apart from giving them time off and sending them a card signed by their coworkers, here are

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5 Things Smart Sales Managers Do to Hire Great Sales Reps

Stuck with underperforming salespeople? Use these five tips to help you weed through your stack of résumés and hire great sales reps. Many companies are telling me that they are having a difficult time hiring really good salespeople. As the market continues to change, good salespeople are going to be in demand more than ever. Here are five things that

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3 Steps to Hiring Motivated Employees

Hiring motivated employees requires building a platform for success and acquiring premium talent who align with the role. You cannot motivate people – you can only create a motivating or demotivating environment and then allow them to respond. So one of the biggest challenges for companies is pairing candidates with the right role with tasks that align with the person’s

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