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4 Ways to Maximize Customer Revenue and Retention

What does it take to keep good customers and the revenue that comes from them? Follow these four steps and you’ll leverage more than you thought. Make the most of your customer relationships. They are your greatest asset in business. A customer care call consists of four main levels. The first is managing your account and ensuring your customer is

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50 Bad Sales Habits To Eliminate

We develop habits over time. Use this list to see where you have opportunity to improve your sales performance. When it comes to bad sales habits, I’ve done them all and still struggle to have mastery over them. In fact, this list was compiled from the things I’ve done wrong and my personal observations of thousands of salespeople. It’s fascinating

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Smart Salespeople Are Not Afraid To Do This With Their Customers

Successful salespeople can differentiate between good customers and mediocre ones. They study the subtle differences and focus on looking for those who fit that “ideal” profile. What about the bad customers? They fire them. Yes, successful salespeople know that the time, energy, and effort wasted on “net loss” customers can adversely affect their opportunity costs-the relationship between scarcity and choice.

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Fire Your Customers (And Make More Sales)

Eliminate the wrong customers by defining your ideal customer profile. Increase your revenue by refocusing your sales efforts on your best customers and letting go of the bad ones. Ever wanted to fire a customer? What did they do that caused you to want to reject their money and tell them to go away? If you’ve been in business for

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