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Why Bad Salespeople Get Hired

A friend told me over lunch about a sales rep he hired the previous year. He sold seven times the industry average of $1million at his previous company. At $7million in sales, he was a superstar. My friend (the CEO) and one of his Sales Managers snatched this sales rep up with great expectation. After several months of ramp up they

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6 Smart Steps to End Procrastination

Got stuff to do that you hate doing? You’re not alone. Procrastination kills productivity for millions of people. Follow these surprisingly enjoyable steps and you’ll actually look forward to getting tasks done that were painfully avoided just last week. One of my biggest personal challenges is planning – and all the time consuming details that goes with them. My frustration

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3 Taboos to Avoid on a First Appointment

All to often salespeople say things that really erode trust when they conduct their first sales call with a new prospect. If your team works in an industry of low-dollar sales closed in one call, you probably already have a script that tells your reps just what to say and how to say it. If that’s not the case, and

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50 Bad Sales Habits To Eliminate

We develop habits over time. Use this list to see where you have opportunity to improve your sales performance. When it comes to bad sales habits, I’ve done them all and still struggle to have mastery over them. In fact, this list was compiled from the things I’ve done wrong and my personal observations of thousands of salespeople. It’s fascinating

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