Sales leadership is one of the most challenging roles in an organization: implementing a sales process, running productive sales meetings, setting clear expectations, and developing viable growth plans for team members. Your sales leaders have a significant impact on the success of your team. It can be tempting for sales leaders to try to pick up their team’s slack when sales are down – causing your managers to miss out on valuable teaching opportunities. How do your sales leaders find the proper balance between their strategic and tactical responsibilities in order to become truly effective coaches for their team?

Through xSell Sales Leadership Training, your sales leaders will reconsider what it means to be a manager – and a coach – thanks to lessons tailored to their specific leadership style, leading to heightened morale, and increased sales for your organization.

Participants will learn to:

Coach Effectively

Our 4-step coaching process teaches managers to identify issues accurately, pinpoint development needs, create realistic growth plans and coach their players based on individual needs. Your sales leaders will learn to act as a coach to their sales team rather than an enforcer.

Build A Great Team

Ask the right questions during interviews in order to make sound hiring decisions and avoid costly employee turnover. Learn to quickly and successfully assimilate new members into your team and your culture.

Set Expectations

Expand job descriptions by establishing concrete goals, realistic expectations, and correctly communicate them to your team. Avoid ambiguity by documenting the details of the unique sales role required for success.

Run Productive Sales Meetings

Learn to capitalize on the time that you spend with your team to share best practices, run drills, role-play, and develop specific sales skills that directly translate into goal achievement. Turn sales meetings into effective learning workshops that your whole team looks forward to attending.

Diagnose Low Sales Performance

You cannot fix a sales performance problem with a sales rep unless you know the root cause. We provide your sales leaders with a proven step-by-step process to identify and address performance problems with existing sales reps. Then, they can utilize our sales development tools to remedy the issue and get the sales rep back to consistently meeting their sales goals.

Use and Interpret Data

We teach your sales leaders how to track performance metrics through each step of the sales process. They will learn to assess data that quickly provides them with actionable intelligence about individual and team results in order to eliminate guesswork when attempting to fix a sales performance problem.

Create a Personal Development Plan

Identify and document the unique developmental areas that generate growth for each participant – sales skills and personal skills.


xPotential Sales Leadership Trainings Include:

Live Classroom Training

Lead by seasoned sales trainers specializing in teaching leaders how to be effective coaches, our interactive training program will equip your sales managers to lead their teams to more consistent sales goal attainment. Participants will learn to implement our step-by-step process to become an outstanding coach. Our modular trainings are highly adaptable; each program is developed only after an initial analysis of your business needs. You get everything you need – and nothing you don't.

Pre-Training Assessments

Pre-training assessments make the training personal for each attendee. Our xPlore Sales Leadership Assessment provides an unparalleled level of insight, painting a clear picture of each individual’s sales leadership skills, motivators, decision-making ability and development needs. Equipped with this valuable information, xPotential Selling’s assessment analysts review the results and provide feedback that connects the attendee to the most relevant topics covered in the training program.

Online Access to xPotential University

Training participants will have exclusive access to our online sales university in order to continue to hone their sales leadership and coaching skills with ongoing training, videos, and knowledge testing. This opportunity to reinforce key concepts and strategies ensures that lessons learned in training translate into behavioral change over the long term.

Follow-up Coaching Program

Immediately following the live training, our follow-up coaching program ensures long-term performance improvement. Expert coaches provide on-going evaluation, role-playing activities, and feedback that are proven to increase performance, confidence, and efficiency in sales leaders.

Tailor-Made Materials and Course Content

Custom materials include workbooks, presentations, videos, and role-playing scenarios that are designed to ensure that your trainings are a seamless fit for the leadership role of each participant. Course materials are developed with the specific needs of your team in mind, and could include observation forms to guide sales managers through effective sales rep critiques in the field, sales meeting guides to save time and focus their teams on specific sales skill development, and expectation forms to ensure best practices are adopted.


Proven Sales Training Methodology

Gain real insight – and act on it. 
Our holistic sales assessments provide deep, strategic insight into the strengths and areas of improvement of your sales leaders, enabling more effective training and deployment, and increased sales performance. 

Put our methodology to work for you
The xSell Sales Leadership Training program provides sales leaders with in-depth knowledge of our step-by-step sales process so they can efficiently implement sustainable growth solutions. Trainings include role-playing activities, problem-solving exercises, and customized workbooks and videos that ensure both participatory and internalized learning.

Benefit from customized coaching
Follow-up sales coaching by business experts ensures that your sales leaders get the ongoing attention they need to effectively put the skills they learn into practice.  
Ensure accountability
Achieve successful implementation of best practices with xPotential Selling reports and surveys that monitor your leaders’ progress and participation.