Hiring this Sales Rep is a BIG Mistake!

Recruiting and hiring good sales reps poses a big challenge for business leaders. They can be hard to find, hard to manage and hard to keep. There are many facets to a successful sales rep that must be considered when hiring. You must have the means to explore those traits (drive, personality, thinking patterns, decision-making capacity, etc.) to ensure you’ve got the right person. Otherwise, the wrong sales rep (who performed well in the interview) can get hired by mistake.

In this video, Barrett Riddleberger explains why a highly recommended and successful sales rep should not get hired. Objecting to his clients’ wishes, he makes a case for not hiring this candidate for two specific reasons. Both of which were unseen by the client.

The analysis of the sales candidate was made possible by the xPlore Sales Assessment to determine their level of fit with the sales role. Once exposed, this sales candidate provide to be unfit for the job. Discover for yourself how the xPlore Sales Assessment can help you build a profitable sales team.


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