Sales Management


What Type of Sales Manager Are You? The Maintenance Sales Manager

Find out the role of the easiest job a Sales Manager can have.


11 Sales Meeting Topics Your Sales Reps Really, Really Want

If your sales meetings were not required, would anyone show up? Too often sales meetings are seen as a waste of time – an event that lacks any purpose or strategy. Sales Managers conduct them because it is required by senior management or simply because they’ve always had one, not because they have any specific goals. To make sales meetings

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4 Killer Questions that Can Make or Break Your Hiring Process

Be sure to consider these four questions when hiring your next employee. Is your recruiting and hiring process doing its job of attracting and acquiring premium talent for your organization? For a moment, set aside your job description, compensation, and benefits plan and consider these four questions that can dramatically affect who you hire. 1. What is the Quantity of

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7 Ways Savvy Sales Managers Grow Their Sales Reps Skills

Here are a few great clues from successful Sales Managers who know how to improve the skill level of their sales reps through role-playing. Want to dramatically improve the performance of your sales reps? Learn how to role-play. Successful sales managers include role-playing as a vital part of coaching every week. Without fail, they know how important role-playing is just

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5 Ways to Get New Sales Reps Selling Faster

Training new sales reps is a critical part of success. Too much training can diminish performance. These 5 steps will get them producing quickly. What do you remember from your freshman college American literature syllabus? Probably some titles, and a few authors, like Edgar Allen Poe, T.S. Eliot, and Herman Melville. Unfortunately, we lose more information during those four (or

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