Can I Fix This Unmotivated Sales Rep?

Is it possible to fix a motivation problem with a sales rep? Answer: Sometimes.

First, it depends on if the motivation issue is due to an external factor, such as: unfair change in compensation, overbearing sales manager, poor customer service of products sold, etc. Too often, sales reps underperform due to factors like these which are outside of their control. However, they get blamed for their lack of motivation.

In other cases, however, a motivation issue is due to an internal factor and cannot be fixed: the sales rep is motivated by things different than what the job rewards or the sales rep is simply an unmotivated individual. Most individuals possess a certain level of motivation about something: making money, the aesthetics of life, serving others, power and control, pursuing knowledge, etc. When those motivators align with what the job rewards, the results are typically higher levels of performance and job satisfaction. When they’re not, problems arise. Only after careful analysis to determine the source of the problem, can a sales manager determine the proper course of action to correct the problem.

Always be mindful of what motivates your salespeople. Work diligently to ensure those motivators are capable of being satisfied on the job. The issue of motivation should be discussed during the hiring phase to ensure the rewards you offer align with your sales candidate’s personal motivators. This is a critical conversation to have prior to employment and it makes for a solid foundation for performance. Without it, you and your new sales rep can both face low performance and frustration.

In this video, Barrett discusses an instance he had with a client. Their sales rep is unmotivated, and the sales manager is frustrated by the lack of performance. The results of the xPlore Sales Assessment show a clear picture of the problem and the obvious solution.


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