Avoid this Sales Rep at All Costs

Hiring sales reps is not easy. My client was preparing to hire a highly recommended industry veteran for their sales team. All indicators were that this sales candidate was a perfect fit for the role. They had a track record of success, tenure and multiple recommendations. This would have been an easy hire with minimal concern. Management had great expectations that the sales rep would quickly become one of their top performers.

After administering our xPlore Sales Assessment, we discovered a hidden issue that would have derailed this person’s career. Fortunately we found it before my client made the sales candidate a job offer. After a thorough review of our findings, my client passed on this candidate and pursued a different applicant. I share this not so uncommon story in order to help hiring managers take and in-depth and objective view of candidates before hiring sales reps. If not, you could be making a costly mistake.

xPlore Sales Assessment



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